100 years of her right to vote.

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As the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment approaches, I’ve taken a fresh look at the suffragist era again and will be creating a work to educate and celebrate this important anniversary.

I recently, collaborated with 364 friends on Facebook to create a large scale work and have been using the American flag for feminist exploration. I have also been feeling the need to experiment with performance art.

This project will include those three things: collaboration, the American flag, and performance art.


Road Trip

I met with fellow artists, curators and art leaders to talk out my passion for this cause and to figure out what the work would actually look like. What could I make that would be worthy of this cause? 

In 2020 I’ll travel the path of ratification to collaborate with a female artist in all 36 states. Each of these amazing women will create a stripe that I’ll stitch together in a public location in their capital city. The people of each state are invited to celebrate this anniversary with me.

The culmination will be a new flag sewn as a thank you and a love letter to the states that gave women the right to vote.

This project is about moving forward. This project is not about Democrats or Republicans. It is about Americans. It is about celebrating an important anniversary in our history. And it is about evaluating how we can encourage more women to run for political office.

The year 2020 will be a presidential election year. It will be a tough year full of negative politics. I hope that all who participate or witness this project will have a moment of pride and a respite from the political mayhem that is sure to be swirling around us in 2020. 


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